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I was stuck on how to start writing this page, couldn’t figure out what first sentence was the best starting phrase. So, I will just use the first sentence from a great novel…Well… in the beginning… only kidding!

I am going to tell a story. The reason being is that this page is about the site “GizEdwards” and that is me…

So it’s time for me to rolled up my sleeves and get the “self obsessed ego” muscle a good old stretch as I sit at my dusty typewriter and tell you a story.

OK, you got me. It’s not a typewriter it’s a laptop, but it is dusty… been a while.

Younger Giz Edwards

I was going to call this section “Young Giz Edwards” but I realise;Β “Hell, I am young, I’ll change it toΒ Younger Giz Edwards”

As a sprog, I was convinced that I was either going to be a school teacher or an entertainer. Well University was an eye opener to the teacher side. I did/do enjoy teaching, thoroughly, but the job side to it was not my cup of tea.


And thank God right! Could you imagine the way of life I would have been in if I was a teacher…

Aside from that, Little Giz was determined to show of his teaching skills in an exciting way. Without knowing it I was creating my own form of edutainment.

And so, the “Edutainer” was born.

Then YouTube Happened

YouTube isΒ pretty freaking awesome.

When I first started making videos on the internet it was when YouTube was teeny tiny. No where near the powerful entity that it is now. But at that moment I know that it was what I wanted to be involved with, I knew that it was the direction that I wanted my life to take.

However, how the hell do you get into that? Not sure… I guess I will sleep on it… eh, eh, eh, anyone? Nevermind…

Dreams have always been interested in dreams and the paranormal. Anything that it was not easily explained, or anything that is not explained by “normal” perception of truths.

Through natural development of my online presence and personality. I became a somewhat noticeable force. Still a tiny ripple in the ever growing ocean of the internet, but I have my YouTube people, my “everyone”?


Now I am in this weird part of my life where I had finished my studies at University, got a full time job, as an Assistant Manager to a retail store.

Then what do I do? I take the plunge and give it all up for YouTube, so hope the best for me…

Jeeze, what a weird roller coaster. At some point in the story that is my life I have moved 17 times and been homeless twice, once for a couple of months and another time for a day. That’s a story for another day though.

Well, my ego muscle is firmly warmed up. Let’s crack on with the rest of the site.

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  1. Hey Giz I love watching your videos I’m trying to start lucid dreaming, I’m just getting my sleep cycles down and whatnot but anyways, I saw a video you posted a few months back talking about God and religion and I used to feel like you, not knowing if it was even real or not I was just open to suggestions and I thought I would come try to convince you that Jesus and God did And do still exist. (All obe and lucid dreaming science makes even better sense when you understand God also..) but first off, if you believe in the “big bang theory” which most all atheists or scientists believe in, you have to understand when God says in Genesis “let there be light” it would have been “a big bang”. and most people believe that the world has been here for billions of years, but since I’m a Christian I had to find a explanation for this. Because according to the bible, it has only been here roughly 7 or 8 thousand years. So when you look at facts, the oldest artifacts found in history only date back to about 2 or 3,000 B.C. and scientists used to say that dinosaurs are millions of years old and,died millions of years ago, and that is what most atheists say against Christians like me. But, new discoverys have found living red blood cells inside dinosaur bones which means they cannot be more than a few thousand years old. And the same dating systems that scientists use to date dinosaur bone findings, were used on living animals( a seal and a snail) and claimed that they were 25,000 years old. This goes to show that in fact, dinosaurs are not millions of years old, but thousands. Also in the bible I’m sure you have heard of the flood and Noah arc. It states in the bible that the arc” rested on the Ararat mountains” and a recent finding shows a perfect picture of a enormous boat under the surface, but still sticking out of the ground, on the Ararat mountains. Although the man who guards the area will not let anybody do real research on it, even from a distance, it is very obvious it is a boat. And it is a the perfect size and shape of the arc that the bible plainly describes. Scientists also say that our oceans have been receding for millions of years. But, if that were true, why have we found so many under ocean cities and statues? Because the earth only recently filled with water, and is now receding only the last couple thousand years. Furthermore, when you look at the men who wrote the bible, Jesus gave them “visions” and somehow, even though most these men lived separate lives and at different time periods, they all talk about the same Jesus and God. Their views of him are also all IDENTICAL. And Jesus is always the same kind of person in their visions. And if you take a look at revelations, and what is happening today, some things that are going on in this world are perfectly predicted by John. Because Jesus gave him knowledge of what would happen in the end times. I strongly suggest that you look up how revelations is coming true in our time. Christianity is in fact the ONLY religion that is truly only about positivity for life and over all well being and true happiness. The only negative things that happen in the bible, only happen to those who were wicked, Sodom and gommorah for example. I know of a few instagram pages that touch down on all aspects of Christianity and why it is the only way your conscious or soul can be saved. My instagram name is @harlanarnott and you can add me if you have one I will gladly show you. These are only a few reasons I believe God exists. But I would appreciate your response to this, and I would hope you find the right way, if you don’t, you seem like a good person and I don’t believe God would let you go to hell anyways. I strongly suggest you do your own research on this and hope you find the truth.. But thanks for reading.

  2. I started looking at your videos on lucid dreaming, so far I have had two experiences in the past month where I was able to control the ability to fly and get out of school exams (a recurring nightmare). I am trying to attain the ability to enter WILD but it’s a challenge, it breaks my sleep patterns in the worse way but I hope to experience it someday. I am trying the ‘wake back to bed’ technique like you said and I skip the journal log until my second waking but I still forget a large percentage of my second wave of dreams. Thank you for your charisma and sharing your experience.


    P.S. You are cute

  3. hi giz,

    watched one of your videos where you couldnt wake up …. I am a regular lucid dreamer and just in the last weeks – I think I managed – finally to lucid dream almost every night …. it was a breakthrough basically speaking related to a massive boost of dream recall … before that I had lucid dreams every few weeks, sometimes 2-3 a week, sometimes none for a few months.

    however …. some years ago I had the weirdest LD dream (was it a lucid dream?) ever, no it wasnt floating thorugh a black void of bliss or having superpowers:

    I was driving in a car with my dad. I knew that s not my reality realm. My dad was a simpler guy than in this reality and so was I. we had a crappy car otherwise a very similar reality;

    I couldnt get out! There was time: There was a date. Reality was exactly as stable as physical waking reality. There where NO dream bugs or anything! I just knew about this reality frame, living for hours in another paralell – very similar – reality; Eventually I woke up in the morning without any time delay;

    This never happened again but really made me think what this reality is – as there was at least one experience where I wasnt able to fly, no dream bugs, no sudden shifts of reality, just simply another physical stable reality frame; it lasted for at least a few hours and I didnt really remember all the dream, did I live it to the end? a few days? or a few hours?

    I had quite a few experiences which have been different to lucid dreams, also not really a typical OBE;


    erwin πŸ˜‰

  4. Hello Giz, πŸ™‚

    I was wondering if in a dream you can visit a specific place? For example I have always wanted to visit a castle during Medieval times.

    Ps- You are amazing and Always manage to make me laugh.

  5. Hello Giz! I literally just found your channel, and for some time now I’ve been seeking someone to discuss a phenomenon with. Well, I am interested to discussing my topic with you. Now, I understand that anyone can come from the internet, but I think you’ll be interested in what I have to explain to you. I do not want to discuss all at this time (I am about to go to Chemistry Exam), but I will give you what its related to. It’s not particular about lucid dreaming, but it does have to do with consciousness and even the superconsciousness. In fact, I think ive experienced something that…somewhat proves its existence. I do not want to make any claims, nor do I want to discuss whether or not what Ive experienced is fake/true.
    Simply, I just want to share a story of what I’ve experienced when I first started my interest in lucid dreaming, consciousness, and mass consciousness. I want to know what you think or what I may send you, if you are interested. I think you have my email already? Otherwise i do have a youtube account: JaiderTheMondo

  6. Dear Giz, have you already written the complete guide to lucid dreaming and if yes, where can I find/buy it?
    I really like your videos and information! πŸ™‚

      1. Please do! Look at all the people who said they’d buy and appreciate it. Lucid dreaming is so interesting and you seem like the person who knows best about it (according to my researches anyway) and you would enjoy writing it. So why not put all your knowledge about it on paper so a lot of people can enjoy your work ^-^
        And you’ve got more time now! πŸ™‚

  7. My favourite thing to do in a lucid dream is to keep my awareness on the sensation of having a body, even if that body is a dream projection. And then, nothing. Just be aware. My favourite thing to do in waking life is to keep my awareness on the sensation of having a body, even if that body is a mental projection. And then, nothing. Just be aware.

  8. I’m trying to make a purchase from your store but when I click proceed to checkout a message tells me I need to be logged in… and I can’t figure out how to log in. LOL Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

      1. No, nothing to do with paypal shows up unfortunately. I guess I should make sure at this point that you do sell and ship to the United States? LOL

  9. Hey Giz.

    Long time follower of yours. I have been attempting lucid dreaming for some time without much luck.

    I won’t bore you with all the details but I would love some one to one advice on how to proceed.

    Are you able to get in touch?


  10. Hey Giz. How’s it going? I’ve been a lucid dreamer for a few Months now and have accumulated several discovered quirks and questions. I’ve gotten to the point where all of my dreams are lucid (which i’m proud of) but now my dream recall plummeted. I keep a dream journal and have found my dream signs but only really remember my dreams once or twice a week whereas when I wasn’t a lucid dreamer i would always remember them every night. Any tips to get my dream recall back? Next, what do you know about mutual lucid dreaming? I saw a video you made and you mentioned it and i would like to hear more on it. \


    1. Hi Alex, I am planning on doing a video on mutual dreams. I would love to think that they are possible but as it stands at the moment in the world of science that we have, no I don’t think that it is possible. Although I have heard many stories to suggest otherwise.

      As for dream recall what have you changed in your lifestyle that could effect it. Seams that you kept a dream journal for so long and have been able to identify your dream signs I assume that your dream recall was at a very good standard. Once you have seen what has changed since your DR has diminished, try changing it back.

  11. Hi Giz, for the past few weeks I’ve been getting into lucid dreaming and have been watching pretty much every one of your videos. I wanted to ask you a question about lucidity. About a month ago I realized I had a weird ability that I noticed. Every day when I had to get up for school, I would wake up a few minutes before my alarm went off. I thought this was just because my mind had gotten used to waking up this early all the time so didn’t think much about it. But then, I got curious, so I decided to tell my mind to wake up at a random time each night. On one night, I told myself that I wanted to wake up at 2:00 in the morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone, and it was 1:55 in the morning. I decided to push it further, so on another night, I told myself to wake up at 1:00 in the morning. And when I did wake up and discover that, sure enough, it was a few minutes before 1:00 in the morning. In that moment, I told myself to wake up again at 4:00 in the morning. When I fell asleep and woke up yet again in the midst of the night, I found that I woke up yet again at a few minutes before my desired time just like that. Now, I don’t even need an alarm to wake up. I just think to myself to wake up at this time. If I take a nap after school but need to wake up at a certain time before soccer practice or homework? No problem, just think about it and I wake up at a few minutes before my desired time. If I even think that I want to wake up at a certain time before bed, it happens, 100% of the time. It has never failed. So I just wanted to ask you, is this a type of lucidity? And if so, how can I use this to induce a lucid dream? If you even acknowledge this, then thank you

    1. I have not personally tried this technique, although I have heard of people in my personal life to try it with great success. As for it being a LD, no it is not. A Lucid Dream means being aware that it is a dream, when participating in the dream. This is something else. That you should probably document πŸ˜€

  12. I’m going to keep this short. I have been trying to lucid dream on and off for a few years now and was unsuccessful up until I started watching your videos. With you’re help it finally happened for me. Thank you

  13. What camera do you current use? Or what camera did you borrow from Reece Jones?

    I wanted to start vlogs on my youtube channel.
    Also what Microphone do you happen to use.

    Thanks Giz

  14. Hi Giz,
    Been subscribed for a while. I love your videos. I unfortunately had a fairly tough experience with lucid dreaming, I’ve so far only had one (as far as I can remember at least) It felt around 5 minutes or so and was amazing. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Contacted many lucid dream teachers and I can’t seem to find any way to become lucid. Any tips that might help me out? Any techniques?
    Thanks manπŸ‘πŸ»

    1. There are so many different factors that could be related to what you are having issues are from: sleep patterns, diet, exercise, dream journaling etc… that it is difficult to pin point the main problems.

      If you want to go into a deeper and more personal analysis about you lucid dreaming problems, I do offer 1 on 1 lessons about Lucid Dreaming over on my Patreon Page. Very cheap compared to other sevices online. Take a look. http://www.patreon.com/gizedwards

  15. Hi Giz,

    I have had Lucid Dreams, but they’ve only been layer 1. I have preformed several reality checks in my dreams. I have some rather constant dreamsigns.

    It’s been a year (and I have had quite a few… distractions to my dreaming practice). I feel I’m on the right road. Any ideas as to why it may be taking so long?

  16. Hey giz…… Every time I go to sleep I get this weird in the middle like I’m slipping and falling. I it lasts for a sec. Is this a roll over signal or something?

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