WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) – Step by Step Guide

Wake Back to Bed or WBTB as it is more commonly known as on the internet. Is just incredible.

So How The Devil Does It Work?

WBTB is has been regarded as one of the most simple and highly successful techniques for lucid dreaming. The reason that it is so successful is that not only is it a rather easy technique to learn, but the foundations of the technique are something that both beginners and advance alike can adhere to.


I have had a lot of practice with this technique, and the thing that I must stress more than anything else is that. When you are doing the incubation techniques before and after the first sleep step. You need to really feel like you are in the dream and picture yourself in the world that you are going to create.


Another good tip is that when you are in the dream you can focus on not just the images that you see or the sounds that you hear. But one that most people do not initiate when they are in the dream, and that is… your sense of smell. Trigger that and see how powerful the dream world can be.


I know that Reece Jones from the YouTube channel has his own tutorial with his own spin on it.

He has a variation of the technique called, Wee Back to Bed. Aptly titled may I add. He chugs down a great amount of water then that will send a signal to his brain to wake him up with out the use of an alarm clock. Great Technique.


There is yet another variation that I touch up upon in the video in which instead of waking up one hour before you mean to wake up, you set the alarm clock to 4-6 hours after you go to sleep, after which you stay awake for any where between 20-90 mins. This is probably only for those who are more adept at Lucid Dreaming or those who know their length of sleep cycle.


The reason that I didn’t add that as a main part of the technique is because, when I was practising Lucid Dreaming, I never had much success with that variation. Purely because I could not get the timing right.


Blast it!



4 Replies to “WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) – Step by Step Guide”

  1. This is a bit of topic, but after trying your meditation advice I got the same feeling as I have had with sleep paralysis only way lighter. Would it be possible to do wild whilest sitting? And on my way on holiday/vacation I was in a state of purgatory you could call it. It was in a bus and I was concious of my surrounding but also could see the dream fully and move using thinking but not like i usually feel like in a dream because when I tried to move normally I came back to the waking world withing 10 seconds :/. I still wonder if it would have been possible to succeed or I wouldnt get paralysed because of the sitting instead of lying down.

  2. Hey qiz great video, but im the same as you, if i wake up after a certain amount of sleep i find it very hard to fall back to sleep also even if i do exactly what you say in WILD and get up and walk around i most definitely cant go back to sleep so my real question is am i pretty screwed if i cant fall back to sleep?
    Because i cant fall back to sleep i try astral projection techniques so far no luck tho.
    Peace ✌

  3. Hi! So, I found out about this channel a few days ago, and i have tryed FILD, but the biggest problem is, If I am going to attempt to Lucid Dream, I can’t seem to fall asleep! I stay still for an hour with no result! Any advice? Also, note that this happens with other LD ways as well. HELP ME

    1. My advice would be to continue to Lucid Dream using the DILD method, with the aid of a dream journal and reality checks.

      FILD, although not an extremely advance technique can still be helped with having a good sleeping pattern, something that the DILD method can improve.

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